About Us

Developed under PT Kencana Arind Murni with more than 30 years of experience in the interior flooring market, we seek to bring design with quality for your interior projects. Collaborating with global and local partners, we develop a wide range of quality carpet tiles, LVT flooring, wallcovering products, and more.

FLORNINE not only has the good product quality, but also long durability. With very careful research, FLORNINE is able to provide a great quality product and very competitive. FLORNINE is a creation of fully experienced team from Indonesia and Singapore with International standard of quality and specification.

With FLORNINE, We offer flexibility to designers to explore their creativity.

With FLORNINE, We offer custom products.

With FLORNINE, We expect to give the very best of our product and services.

In its program, FLORNINE  is working with several mills with International reputation, who have been trusted with very high product flexibility and quality, in which accordance to FLORNINE standard.

With the offered flexibility and quality, FLORNINE provides a wide selection of products that include patterns, colour and shapes. In doing so, we believe that with FLORNINE, user can have various kinds of flexibility and satisfaction.

FLORNINE is also supported by a variety of features such as skills of product installation and reliable after-sales service. We strongly believe that the quality of a product depends not only on the quality of the products alone but also must be supported by a variety of important aspects. In this case, FLORNINE supported by a team of highly experienced carpet installation and reliable in terms of time and installation results. FLORNINE is supported by internal skillful installer teams whom have more than 10 years’ experience and assortment of skills to help meet the needs of each client.