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Carpets are the timeless choice for a luxurious flooring look, which can bring a sense of comfort and style to any time of room. We offer carpet rolls as well as carpet tiles in plank or square sizes that can allow limitless possibilities for unique installations mix-and-match.

We offer the choice of nylon, PET, and PP carpet tiles to suit your requirement and budget needs, and can also customize for tufting techniques, pile weight, and other specifications you need. 

Sense of Comfort

Carpets has a comfortable and soft surface to walk on, being naturally anti-slip and also a natural thermal insulator to provide warmth.

Versatile Designs

The combination of yarn, machine technology, pattern design, to installation method can create unique looks with plenty of flexibility for creative ideas.

Sound Absorption

Carpets have an acoustic nature to absorb sound and reduce noise, making it suitable choice for many working and residential environments.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for synthetic flooring, having its advantages from ease of installation and lower cost and maintenance while having the appearance similar of other natural flooring types. It comes with underlay and core layer for a durable structure, and has the option of textured or non-textured finishing. Our vinyl flooring comes in plank and square tiles.

Various Designs

Choose natural-looking vinyl tiles such as wooden or stone looks with easier setup and lower maintenance, or select from our stylized patterns and colors.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl flooring has a more straightforward installation and setup process. It is easy to clean and maintain for everyday use at public areas or at home.


Vinyl flooring has a good degree of anti-slip, scratch and water resistance. Our product range has a varying degree of wear layer specifications depending on your requirements.


Our commercial grade wallcovering is suitable to be used in high traffic areas such as offices and hospitality areas. Various timeless elegant designs are available with different textures of look and feel, developed with quality materials for strength and durability.

Elegant Designs

Our collections come in varying texture and color choices, carefully selected by our team to add an elegant, refined look to any room.

Commercial Grade

Our wallcoverings are designed for high traffic use and durable to withstand years of use, with various specification testings to ensure their quality.

Easy to Clean

Having made with fabric backing material, thus our wallpapers can be washed to clean easily, making it suitable for long lasting use and easy to maintain.

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