LVT Looselay Style 4.5 – Timber

Product Specification

Material Vinyl with Looselay Backing
Fiberglass Yes – Strengthened Core Layer
Tile Size 2286 x 12192 mm
Total Thickness 4,5mm
Wear Layer 0.5mm

Installation Method:



Premium vinyl tiles of durable thickness, global certifications, with anti-skid looselay backing technology for easier and more durable installation. Integrates well with our carpet tiles and carefully selected designs from our experienced team.  Elegant wood designs, natural looks with simpler use and maintenance.

Product Testing

Classification EN ISO 10582 23: Domestic Heavy
32: Commercial General
41: Light Indtl. Moderate
Reaction to fire EN13501-1 Bf1-S1
Slip Resistance DIN 51130 EN 13893 R10 DS
Wear resistance EN660-2 Group T
Density Standard Test 1.8-1.90g/cm3
Dimensional Stability IS023999:2021 <0.12%
Curling IS023999:2021 <1.0mm
Residual Indentation IS024343-1-.2007 <0.1 mm
Light Stability IS0105.B02: Method 3 >6
Castor chair EN 425 ISO4918:2016 Type W – after 25000 cycles, no visible damage
Determination of resistance
to stains chemical resistance
IS026987:2008 No change in surface dulling, surface attack, or staining detected
Squareness IS024342:2007 Max < 0.2mm
Straightness IS024342:2007 Max < 0.2mm
Flexibility ISO 24344:2008
Method A
No cracking 50 mandreal
Peel resistance IS024345:2006 >75N/50mm
Burning cigarette test EN1399:1997
Method B
Rating 3
Utilization ISO Standards Recyclable
Micro-scratch resistance EN 16094 MSR-B2
Formaldehyde emission EN 717-1:2004 Free
Soluble heavy metal contents ASTM F 963-11 Free


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